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Ranchi: The Jharkhand government has approved the Medical Protection Act 2013 to protect doctors and their medical premises, nursing homes and hospitals in the state where violent attack on doctors has been a common phenomenon.
Now, doctors in the state would be able to work in a calm state of mind and would be able to deliver better healthcare services to the patients. The breakthrough has come after two years of campaigning of medical protection act committee under the able leadership of Dr Bharti Kashyap,Coordinator of the     M P A committee and now  Joint secretary Indian Medical Association (IMA), Ranchi.
Jharkhand’s cabinet secretary J B Tubid  announced ON 13TH May 2013 the passage of the Medical Protection Act 2013 as Ordinance under prez rule . Under the act, there is provision of three years of jail and fine up to Rs.50,000 if anyone damages properties of nursing homes, hospitals or attack doctors," Tubid announced.
The law says that only those doctors registered with the state government would be able to enjoy the protection under the Medical Protection Act 2013. “All the doctors who are involved in private practice, private hospitals and nursing homes will now have to get themselves registered with the state government. Only registered doctors, hospitals and nursing homes will be covered under the act,” the cabinet secretary has announced.
Jharkhand has an ugly history of attacks on doctors and their premises. The doctors who loose their night sleep without even blinking their eyes for the welfare of patients. Hundreds of doctors and their premises have been damaged extensively in the state in past.
In Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Bokaro and other cities doctors had always been living under the shadow of violent attacks on them. After the death of patients at some private nursing homes and in the past, their attendants and relatives have claimed that the death took place because of the negligence of the doctors and Para medical staff and attacked the  premise of health care organizations.  Jharkhand’s largest Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Jamshedpur and other government hospitals have also bore the brunt of attacks.
Dr Bharti Kashyap Coordinator of the Medical Protection Act committee and now  Joint secretary Indian Medical Association (IMA), Ranchi.   said, “In absence of the specific laws it had always been difficult to deter such acts.”
Jharkhand did not have any MPA Act to protect its doctors even as its neighboring states like Bihar, Orissa and Chhatisgarh along with advanced states like Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra have already enacted such laws.

Dr. Bnarti Kashyap, the then chairmen Health committe FJCCI met the Health Secretory K. Vidyanagar with FJCCI president Mr. Sajjan Sarraf, Mr. Raju Sarwgi & Dr. B.P. Kashyap Presented him a Copy of implementation of MPA in Jharkhand.
Dr. Bnarti Kashyap, Head of Co-ordination Commitee meeting the Health Minister & Presenting him the draft copy of Medical Protection Act.
Dr. Bharti Kashyap along with the Co-Ordination Committee members requesting the Hon'ble Governor of Jharkhand for impletation of Medical Protection / Act on 13th.
Head of the Co-Ordination committee Dr. Bharti Kashyap, Co-Ordination Committee Members, IMA Secretory Dr. B.P. Kashyap & heads of different social organization thanking the governor for Medical Protection Act on 15th May 2013.
Heads of social organization and medical protection act co-ordination committee members talking to Hon'ble Governor of Jharkhand and expressing gratitude.
Advocate general Anil Sinha with members of Co-Ordination committee to discuss the legal aspects of draft copy of Medical Protection Act.
Medical Protection Act Jharkhand in the office of Health Secretary Mr.k.Vidya Sagar Alog with Dr.Bharti Kashyap. Head of Co--ordinatio Committee on 13yh Oct 2011.
The then Chife Minister Mr. Arjun Munda meeting Dr. Bharti Kashyap, Head Co Ordination Committee for Meddical Protection Act And Members of Co-ordination Committee regarding Medical Protection Act on 02/10/2012.
Sporadic efforts were being made at different levels for the last few years but in vain. In 2011 the then chairperson of the health sub committee of the Federation of the Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FJCCI) Dr Bharti Kashyap called upon the state health principal secretary to apprise him of the situation and demanded that he supports their initiative. After that a meeting was organized  in IMA premises with the members of the Indian Medical Association , Association of hospitals and Nursing home, Health Committee FJCCI, RIMS Teachers’ Association in July 2011 . It was here that the crusaders for the Medical Protection Act constituted a Medical Protection Act Co-ordination Committee for giving impetus to their effort. Dr Bharti Kashyap led the Medical Protection Act Co-ordination  committee as its chief coordinator.

In August 2011 the members of the Medical Protection Act Co-ordination Committee sought legal help from senior advocate Anil Kashyap and others. The advocates after going through the nitty-gritty of Medical Protection Act in other states, drafted a copy of the MP Act for Jharkhand.

The challenge lied ahead. Led by Dr Bharti when the Medical Protection Act Co-ordination Committee members met the then health minister Hemlal Murmu . The minister told the representatives that the government will not pass a draconian law. “The minister asked us to get the draft approved by 10 social organizations,” said a representative. Even after they won the written consent of the social organizations nothing worked out in 2011.

The year 2012 had been a period of lull. Now people had started teasing Dr Bharti and the representatives of the committee she led. “People even said that even Bihar and Chhatisgarh can have a strong law to protect its doctors but Jharkhand can not have it, It was a hopeless moment because even meeting the then chief minister Arjun Munda did not help in October 2012.

A team of doctors under the banner of Medical Protection Act Co-ordination Committee, led Bharti Kashyap, had met Governor Syed Ahmed on 13th March  this year and demanded implementation of the act. The members had demanded that the government implement the Andhra Pradesh model of the Medical Protection Act in the state as Ordinance in the Prez rule

The doctors are extremely happy with the passage of the bill. “it has been possible because of the advisors of the Governor who do not work like politicians,” said Dr Bharti while expressing her heartiest thanks to Governor Syed Ahmad.
On 15th May Dr Bharti Kashyap, Co-Ordination Committee Members and the secretary of the IMA Dr B P Kashyap, heads of various social organizations who had given their consent earlier in presence of health Secretary called upon Jharkhand governor and thanked him for his approval of the Act.

“We are thankful to the Governor for his approval of the Act to protect doctors, nursing homes and hospitals in the state. It is only because of his efforts that now Jharkhand has joined the league of states which have implemented the Act,” said Dr B P Kashyap Secretary I M A Ranchi