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Secretary Desk..

Dear Colleagues, Thank you very much for the confidence and trust bestowed upon me to have selected me as the Secretary of IMA, Ranchi......

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Promotion and Advancement of Medical and allied sciences in all their different branches.
The improvement of public Health and Medical Education in India.
The maintenance of honour and dignity of medical profession


WA branch of the "Indian Medical Association" was formed in Ranchi in the year 1941 with Dr. R. N. Chaoudhary as president and Dr. P.P. Narayan along with Dr. S.N.Pal as secretaries. In 1930 two doctors of Ranchi, Dr. N.C Mitra and Dr. J.G Mukharjee became members of the central boby of I.M.A Delhi. In the year 1944 the state medical conference of Bihar was held in Ranchi. Col. K.k Chatterjee was elected chairman of the reception committee and the organizing secretaries were Dr. H.N. Mukherjee and Dr. S.S Sahay. The conference was a grand success.

Since 1942 I.M.A Ranchi branch has been functioning regularly and the association which started with 29 members , has now in 2018 reache a membership strenth of 700 members. Ranchi Branch has been sending representatives regularly in different capacities to both the central I.M.A New Delhi and the state Branch.